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Medium: Watercolor


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Girl receiving corporal punishment

Corporal Punishment in Canada

An analysis of the laws and philosophies around corporal punishment and what Canada can do to move forward. 


corporate volunteering

Embracing New Paths for Volunteer Engagement

Formal volunteerism isn't enough to tackle systemic issues. How can volunteer coordinators impact corporate volunteers?



How the Left Failed Men

Exploring how the left overlooked men's struggles, digital algorithms, influencers, and the call for introspection in today's cultural battleground.



How UCP's De-regulation of Homeschooling May Harm Children

Unraveling the homeschooling debate: Flexibility, regulations, and the need for further research.




The Price of Plasma Donation on Low-Income Canadians

Delving into paid plasma donation's impact on low-income Canadians, ethical concerns, and need for balanced approach to protect public healthcare.


big private college campus

Alberta's Private Colleges: Scams, Deception, and Calls for Regulation

Unveiling the dark truth of private colleges in Alberta and the urgent need for regulation.




Canada is Dying

A Defense of Harm Reduction - Canada is (Not) Dying

Exploring harm reduction, drug policies & social issues. Critiquing misconceptions, promoting evidence-based approaches.


Shane Homes

Defining ESG: Capitalism, Sustainability, and Market Forces

Challenging misconceptions about ESG: Exploring its role, market impact, and the intersection of capitalism and sustainability.


inspire and social impact logo

Empowering Social Workers and Students: Embrace the Path of Innovation

Discover 'Inspire' - Empowering social workers & students through innovative design principles to transform the field of social work.



The Dirty Truth About Housekeeping

Exploring the Challenges: Housekeeping in Hotels - From Labor Disputes to Safety Concerns, Unveiling the Hidden Realities.


the whale edited

Am I Disgusting? - An Analysis of The Whale

Explore the complexities of acceptance and evangelism in 'The Whale. A critique of Christian Missionaries. 



The Rising Relevance of Inspire in Today's Landscape

Discover how the Social Impact Lab bridges social work and design, unlocking innovative solutions for a more interconnected world.


The Ethics of Religious Deconstruction

Exploring Religion & Atheism: Diverse beliefs, respect, and the role of autonomy in religious discussions.



Emotional Blackmailing & Hidden Atheism

Join the discussion on navigating hidden beliefs within family and society.




100 Ice-Breaker Questions They Never Asked You

Explore 100 engaging questions that encompass topics spanning from personal, ethical, and environmental, to creative.



I'm Not Like Other Christians

Exploring the nuances of progressive Christianity in a diverse world. 




Putting Clients First: The Case for a 4-Day Work Week

Elevate client support and social services with a 4-day work week. Explore the benefits of making the change.




The Hidden Hurdles: Low-Income Tax Filing in Canada

Explore challenges in low-income tax filing in Canada and solutions for those with limited means. (Part 1)



Profits vs. Accessibility: The Turbulence of Turb0tax

Explore how other countries embrace return-free filing while Canada faces a battle against tax software lobby groups. (Part 2)


truth and reconciliation

Year-Round Reconciliation

Explore insights from three Indigenous leaders on Truth and Reconciliation Day, emphasizing its year-round importance.



Transcripts: Making Podcasts Accessible to All

Discover how podcast transcripts bridge the gap to inclusive content, fostering accessibility and enhancing content generation.



Intro to Gender-Based Online Hate & Deepfakes

Explore online radicalization, and deepfakes in this engaging workshop for students and professionals.



SIL header image

Echoes of Impact: Noteworthy Quotes from Responsible Disruption

Explore profound insights from each episode of 'Responsible Disruption' through its most memorable quotes. Discover wisdom in action.



Noteworthy Quotes from Responsible Disruption (Part 2)

Discover memorable quotes from Responsible Disruption in the second part of the blog.




Exploring the Motivations Behind Men Wanting Kids

A brief overview of Rivka Weinberg's book, "The Risk of a Lifetime" and exploring the ethics of natalism.




Beyond Tragedy: Rethinking God's Plan for Innocent Victims

Delve into the unjust impact of hell on marginalized communities, and the intersection of social justice with spirituality.



Fostering Equity: Transparent Salary Disclosure in Job Postings

Exploring the global shift toward job posting transparency and its impact on workplace equity and gender pay disparities.



Non-Profit Job Postings Without Salary Disclosure

Exploring non-profit job postings without salary transparency. Uncovering the gaps in salary disclosure practices.





Past Lives - A Mini Review of Celine Song's 2023 Masterpiece

Exploring the thought-provoking narrative of 'Past Lives' (2023) by delving into the complexities of choices, relationships, and alternate realities.




ann cho edited

Chasing Change: A UX Career Transition Spotlight with Ann Cho

Ann Cho shares her insights on navigating CareerFoundry, the power of mentorship, and the art of building a standout portfolio.





Finding Inclusivity Outside the Church

Explore my journey of finding new communities and expressing gratitude. Join the quest for inclusive and supportive spaces.





Navigating Ethics in Homeless Photography

Explore the ethical nuances of homeless photography, from informed consent to inclusive representation, from a social work perspective.






2024's  Top Lip Balm Recipe

Discover the perfect DIY lip balm recipe for 2024! Simple, effective, and a game-changer for your lip care routine. Try it today!






The Sales Dynamic in Private Career College Admissions

Explore the sales-centric reality of private career college admissions—revealing high-volume outreach and referral bonuses.





Navigating Survivorship Bias #BLESSED

Exploring survivorship bias and challenging perspectives on divine intervention.







God Has A Plan

Challenging the notion of God's "intelligent design" and how it interferes with social justice. 






natural supports

Natural Supports Simulation

Discover insights on the Natural Supports Simulation, an interactive tool that helps navigate complex social issues through realistic scenarios and supportive validation.





Coming Soon

Exploring survivorship bias and challenging perspectives on divine intervention.







Coming Soon

Challenging the notion of God's "intelligent design" and how it interferes with social justice.