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About Shane



Shane's background is in social work. After initially studying business, he made the transition to social work in order to better pursue social change.

Using art, specifically portraits, Shane highlights victims of racial injustice, as well as relevant activists and public figures.

Recently, his works have focused on health and accessibility. He has covered topics such as purity culture and religious extremism, using his art to engage in critical conversations about these issues.


Deconstructing Religious Values

Shane's Christian upbringing led him to dedicate his life to helping others, which was a major factor in his decision to pursue social work. Now, as an agnostic atheist, he is using art to deconstruct religious perspectives and hopes to engage in critical conversations with theists and atheists alike.

About the portraits

Portraits do more than just tell a story - they honor and memorialize the victims. Through the use of abstract colors, the viewer is able to look beyond the race of the subject, making the color of their skin irrelevant. It is important to acknowledge race in the story of their injustice, but the paintings aim to preserve their humanity and dignity.



A timeline of my art journey. 


Graphic Design

Shane ventured into the field of graphic design to redesign logos and experiment with typography. You can check out his portfolio on Dribbble for a closer look at his work.


Portfolio Launch

Shane has primarily used Instagram as a platform to showcase his artwork. However, due to recent instability at Meta and the changing landscape of social media, he has decided to build a portfolio outside of those spaces.


Open for Commissions

The original intent behind Shane's portraits was to highlight victims of social injustice, but the medium has become a powerful tool to spread messages about social issues.



Custom cards were made for birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions.


Start on Portraits

Portraits were originally made to highlight victims of social justice. It became a powerful medium to spread messages about social issues.